Dr. des. Angela Müller (she/her)

Head of AlgorithmWatch CH | Head of Policy & Advocacy

Angela Müller

Angela heads the work of AlgorithmWatch CH and of AlgorithmWatch’s Policy & Advocacy team. Her policy focuses include the international level (Council of Europe), the EU level (AI Act) and the domestic level in Switzerland. She has testified as an expert before the German Bundestag and the Swiss Parliament and is a member of expert working groups at the Council of Europe and the Data Science Competence Centre at the Swiss Federal Administration. Angela studied political philosophy and holds a PhD in Law from the University of Zurich, where her research focused on the cross-border applicability of human rights law in the context of globalization and new technologies. She was a visiting researcher at Columbia University, New York, and Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Prior to her current role, she held positions at different universities, for an innovation platform, a civil society think tank on foreign policy, and the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.