AlgorithmWatch CH becomes funding partner of Mercator Foundation Switzerland

Within the framework of a three-year strategic grant, Mercator Foundation Switzerland supports the core activities of AlgorithmWatch CH as an advocacy organization and allows for a sustainable organizational development.

Photo by Flickr on Pexels

Two years after the establishment of AlgorithmWatch CH in Switzerland, this strategic funding focuses on two pillars: First, in this second phase of our existence, it allows us to develop our structures and processes, our financing model, and our team in a way that ensures a sustainable and professional organization. In particular, this includes the goal of diversifying the funding of the organization.

Secondly, the funding allows us to focus on our core competence and activities in the field of advocacy work. On the one hand, we stimulate public debate around the societal impact of algorithmic systems. Through public outreach and campaigns, we highlight where and how the systems affect fundamental rights and the common good – and why there is a need for frameworks governing their use. On the other hand, we make concrete demands as to how these governance framework should be designed. The goal must be to use the systems in such a way that they actually benefit people and society instead of harming us. We advocate for these demands vis-à-vis decision makers in politics and administration as well as vis-à-vis companies and authorities who deploy algorithmic systems.  

In everything we do, we strive to pursue our mission as effectively as possible:

To ensure that the use of algorithmic systems benefits the many, not the few, we advocate for algorithmic systems that protect democracy and the rule of law instead of authoritarianism, freedom instead of surveillance, human rights instead of dehumanization, autonomy instead of power asymmetries, justice and equality instead of favoritism and disparity, and a sustainable instead of an exploitative way of living.

If you are looking for more information on what we do and how we do it, you may find them in our Vision, Mission, Values statement, in the description of our Policy & Advocacy approach – or by getting in touch with us! Next to the support by Mercator Foundation Switzerland, AlgorithmWatch CH finances its activities through the support of other foundations, project grants, and donations.