Atlas of Automation

To detect benefit fraud, measure work performance, predict a person's creditworthiness or show us personalised content online - algorithms and so-called "artificial intelligence" are shaping our everyday lives today. Where, by whom and for what purpose these algorithmic systems are used, however, is largely a black box. With the Atlas of Automation, AlgorithmWatch CH now sheds light on the darkness.

Graphic: Beate Autering
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16 November 2022

FINDHR: Fair algorithms in personnel selection?

AlgorithmWatch CH is part of the Horizon Europe project “FINDHR”. In this interdisciplinary research project, we address software-related discriminatory effects within recruiting processes by developing methods, tools, and trainings that are designed to avoid discrimination.

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10 November 2022

Analytics for the People? What algorithms at the workplace mean for worker rights and participation

In a joint project with the trade union syndicom, AlgorithmWatch CH is investigating how employees can be empowered when algorithmic systems are used in the workplace. The focus lies on how they can stand up for their rights and what concrete options and recommendations can be derived from this.

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2 November 2021

Algorithms in the Swiss Political Discourse

This project is conducted as part of a Capstone Course of the Institute of Political Science at the University of Zurich. The aim of this project is to evaluate the Swiss discourse on the use of algorithms: Which actors shape the public debate and from which perspectives are algorithms politically problematized?

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A joint project by AlgorithmWatch and the University of Basel on behalf of the Canton of Zürich, 20 November 2020

ADM Systems in the Public Sector

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About Automating Society, 20 November 2020

Automating Society Report

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