1 September 2021

Let’s celebrate: One year AlgorithmWatch Switzerland!

Photo: David Bächtold, CC BY 4.0

5 August 2021

Security tests on Swiss COVID certificate find 136 vulnerabilities, amid calls for further restrictions

The Swiss COVID certificate launched in June has undergone its first phase of internal and public security tests, and the results are in.

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8 June 2021

Swiss COVID-19 certificate system subjected to public security test and gradually implemented

Switzerland launched its own COVID-19 certificate system on June 7, both in paper and digital formats. Rollout will be gradual, and the system is expect to be fully functioning by the end of June.

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David Dvořáček | Unsplash

18 May 2021

Centralized check-in apps reignite debate around digital contact tracing in Switzerland

During the pandemic, the public as well as the private sector have worked on digital tools for contact tracing. Private companies developed a variety of check-in apps for venues such as restaurants, bars, and clubs. In contrast to the SwissCovid app, those check-in apps collected data through a centralized architecture. This form of data collection in combination with insufficient checks on the private companies' use of the data raises questions regarding citizens' privacy and data security.

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20 November 2020

Welcome to Switzerland, AlgorithmWatch!

Imagine you live in a Swiss city, and that you, and your whole family, are very excited that your child, who has just turned six years old, will start first-grade next summer. However, your home sits between two schools, and you don’t know which school your child will go to. Worse than that, you don’t…

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