17 August 2023



We are hiring: Researcher on algorithmic discrimination

AlgorithmWatch CH is looking for an experienced collaborator to carry out research and investigative work for our NGO in Zurich.

15 June 2023

Help us fight injustice in hiring!

Donate your CV to fight together against automated discrimination in job application procedures!

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20 April 2023

AlgorithmWatch CH becomes funding partner of Mercator Foundation Switzerland

Within the framework of a three-year strategic grant, Mercator Foundation Switzerland supports the core activities of AlgorithmWatch CH as an advocacy organization and allows for a sustainable organizational development.

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Palais de l'Europe, Strasbourg/Wikimedia Commons

13 December 2022

AlgorithmWatch CH in Council of Europe Expert Group on AI in public administration

The Committee on Legal Cooperation (CDCJ) of the Council of Europe has established a working group on the topic of administrative law and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Angela Mueller, Head of AlgorithmWatch CH and Head of our Policy & Advocacy team, contributes as an expert to the group.

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30 August 2022

A heartfelt thank you! Anna Mätzener is leaving us

Anna Mätzener is leaving AlgorithmWatch Switzerland in the fall.

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25 August 2022

Facebook’s gutting of CrowdTangle: a step backward for platform transparency

Facebook is quietly dismantling CrowdTangle, a tool that academics, watchdog organizations and journalists rely on to expose disinformation and other problematic content on the platform. The move contradicts the company’s commitments to give researchers better access to data.

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Stanford University Libraries via Public Domain Review

20 May 2022

Council of Europe creates rules for Artificial Intelligence

Not only the EU but also the Council of Europe – an international organization based in Strasbourg – plans to regulate Artificial Intelligence (AI). To this end, it is currently negotiating a Convention on AI. In this explainer, we show what this is all about, why it is relevant to you and what the next steps are.

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1 March 2022

Solidarity with Ukraine

As an organization that defends human rights and democracy, we, the team of AlgorithmWatch and AlgorithmWatch Switzerland, stand in solidarity with Ukraine, the Ukrainian population and all Russians who do not support this war.

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20 December 2021

ADM in the Public Sector: The Workshop

AlgorithmWatch Switzerland was invited to give a workshop as part of an event series on AI & Ethics organised and presented by Swiss Digital Initiative (SDI). Together with participants from various backgrounds, we explored how Artificial Intelligence (AI) could be applied to the public sector, where and in what forms such applications are already used and what questions should be asked when considering the use of AI in the public sector.

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Photo: David Bächtold, CC BY 4.0

1 September 2021

Let’s celebrate: One year AlgorithmWatch Switzerland!

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