Here you’ll find AlgorithmWatch CH’s positions on current policy and regulatory processes concerning algorithmic decision-making systems and online platforms. AlgorithmWatch CH is an evidence-based advocacy organization. We advocate for the use of ADM systems that benefit people and society instead of harming them. Learn more about the basics of our policy and advocacy work here.


If the UN wants to help humanity, it should not fall for AI hype

How should the international governance of AI look like? This is the thorny question the UN Secretary General’s AI Advisory Body tries to address in its first interim report. We have highlighted some concerning aspects of the report in a recent consultation process.

Press release

The Council of Europe’s Convention on AI: No free ride for tech companies and security authorities!

Press release

Europe’s Approach to AI regulation: Embracing Big Tech and Security Hardliners

Expert Policy Proposal

The AI Act and General Purpose AI

Battle in Strasbourg: Civil society fights for safeguards against AI harms

The EU now has the means to rein in large platforms. It should start with Twitter.

Civil society observers call for an effective Council of Europe Convention on AI

France: the new law on the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games threatens human rights

Civil society responds to the Council of Europe Treaty on AI

Submission to the UN report on the right to privacy in the digital age

EU’s AI Act and DSA negotiations in full swing

Joint Statement ahead of negotiations on legal framework on AI in the Council of Europe

Human rights and activities of tech companies: Governments must act

Automated Decision-Making Systems in the Public Sector – Some Recommendations

Joint Statement on the Ad Hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAHAI) in the Council of Europe

Position Paper: A Legal Framework for Artificial Intelligence

Draft AI Act: Submission by AlgorithmWatch

Open letter calling for a global ban on biometric recognition technologies that enable mass and discriminatory surveillance

Reclaim Your Face – A Civil Society Initiative to ban biometric mass surveillance

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