FINDHR: Fair algorithms in hiring processes

AlgorithmWatch Switzerland will be part of an Horizon Europe project called FINDHR. The aim of this interdisciplinary research project is to develop tools to ensure that algorithmic hiring is based on ethical principles and does not reproduce discriminatory biases.

Algorithmic hiring is on the rise: Automated decision making technologies (ADM) promise to deal with hundreds or thousands of applicants at high speeds. Moreover, their uptake HR teams and Public Employment Services in Europe is growing faster than the global average. These ADM-tools instantly select and rank candidates based on their resumes and application materials, or process candidates using online tests or games. The problem is: Discriminatory biases have been documented across almost all applied domains of ADM, which includes algorithmic hiring systems as well, reproducing and amplifying pre-existing discriminatory entry barriers into the labor market. 

To create practical integrated solutions to tackle this issue, Horizon Europe starts an interdisciplinary research project called FINDHR (Fairness and Intersectional Non-Discrimination in Human Recommendation). This EU-funded project will start in November 2022 and will provide the technical, legal, and ethical tools required by an inclusive and diverse Europe. Through a context-sensitive, interdisciplinary approach, FINDHR will develop new technologies to measure discrimination risks, to create fairness-aware rankings and interventions, and to provide multi-stakeholder actionable interpretability. It will also produce new technical guidance to perform impact assessment and algorithmic auditing, a protocol for equality monitoring, and a guide for fairness-aware ADM software development. The project will also design and deliver specialised skills training for developers and auditors of ADM systems. AlgorithmWatch Switzerland will focus on developing tools with other project partners to ensure that algorithmic hiring is based on ethical principles and does not reproduce discriminatory biases. Furthermore AlgorithmWatch Switzerland will mainly be engaged in evidence based policy work and communication measures.

All outputs will be released as open access publications, open source software, open datasets, and open courseware.