Dyrias (dynamic system for the analysis of risk) Intimpartner is a system to predict the likelihood that a person will assault their intimate partner. Dyrias requires police officers to answer 39 “yes” or “no” questions about a suspect. The tool then outputs a score on a scale from one to five, from harmless to dangerous. The vendor of Dyrias claims that the software correctly identifies eight out of ten potentially dangerous individuals. However, another study looked at the false positives, i.e., at individuals labeled dangerous who were in fact harmless, and found that six out of ten people flagged by the software should have been labeled harmless. In other words, Dyrias boasts good results only because it takes no risks and assigns the “dangerous” label liberally.
According to media and to the reference list of the provider, it is used in several cantons in Switzerland.


Prediction of domestic violence risk


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