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Election year 2024

10 Questions about AI and elections

2024 is an important election year. While citizens all over the world get ready to cast their ballot, many people worry about AI: Are chatbots and fake images a threat to democracy? Can we still trust what we see online? We explain why the hype around AI and elections is somewhat overblown and which real risks we need to watch out for instead.

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7 June 2024


Some image generators produce more problematic stereotypes than others, but all fail at diversity

Automated image generators are often accused of spreading harmful stereotypes, but studies usually only look at MidJourney. Other tools make serious efforts to increase diversity in their output, but effective remedies remain elusive.


If the UN wants to help humanity, it should not fall for AI hype

How should the international governance of AI look like? This is the thorny question the UN Secretary General’s AI Advisory Body tries to address in its first interim report. We have highlighted some concerning aspects of the report in a recent consultation process.


18 November 2023


Legal report

How employees can influence the use of algorithms in their workplace – a legal perspective

Algorithmic systems are increasingly being used in workplaces in Switzerland. Under the current legal framework, companies should involve their employees in certain decisions. However, this is often not the case in practice. This report shows which rights employees have as well as which obligations employers have when it comes to employee participation, what gaps can be identified in the legal framework and how these could be closed.

Atlas of Automation

To detect benefit fraud, measure work performance, predict a person's creditworthiness or show us personalised content online - algorithms and so-called "artificial intelligence" are shaping our everyday lives today. Where, by whom and for what purpose these algorithmic systems are used, however, is largely a black box. With the Atlas of Automation, AlgorithmWatch CH now sheds light on the darkness.

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Journalistic stories

How does automated decision-making effect our daily lives? Where are the systems applied and what happens when something goes wrong? Read our journalistic investigations on the current use of ADM systems and their consequences. Read our stories

AI surveillance rumors: gay adult content creators face sanctions

Reels of Fortune: Instagram-shaped memories for a bigger reach

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People must ensure that AI serves the people

FINDHR hero picture


Fair algorithms in personnel selection?

Analytics for the People?

What algorithms at the workplace mean for worker rights and participation


Read our comprehensive reports, analyses and working papers on the impact and ethical questions of algorithmic decision-making, written in collaboration with our network of researchers and civil society experts. See our publications

Training measures

What trade unions need to know about algorithms in the workplace

New study: Research on Microsoft Bing Chat

AI Chatbot produces misinformation about elections

Automated Decision-Making Systems in the Public Sector – An Impact Assessment Tool for Public Authorities


Find here our positions on current policy and regulatory processes concerning algorithmic decision-making systems and online platforms. Our positions

Press release

The Council of Europe’s Convention on AI: No free ride for tech companies and security authorities!

Press release

Europe’s Approach to AI regulation: Embracing Big Tech and Security Hardliners

Expert Policy Proposal

The AI Act and General Purpose AI


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Press release

The Council of Europe’s Convention on AI: No free ride for tech companies and security authorities!

Press release

Europe’s Approach to AI regulation: Embracing Big Tech and Security Hardliners

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