Read now: Swiss Edition of the Automating Society Report 2020

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Racial Health Bias

Health algorithms discriminate against Black patients, also in Switzerland

Algorithms used to assess kidney function or predict heart failure use race as a central criterion. There is no scientific basis to do so, and the results discriminate against Blacks.

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A joint project by AlgorithmWatch and the University of Basel on behalf of the Canton of Zürich

ADM Systems in the Public Sector

The canton of Zürich asked AlgorithmWatch and Prof. Nadja Braun Binder from the University of Basel for an evaluation about the use of ADM-systems in the public sector. The report will state what could be useful prerequisites for the implementation of ADM systems, what kind of obstacles can be encountered and how these could possibly […]

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About Automating Society

Automating Society Report

The project ‘Automating Society’ aims at composing a previously unreleased mapping and analysis of automated decision-making (ADM) applications in the public policy sphere in Europe. In 2019, the first edition of the report investigated the current usage and policy debates around ADM both in 12 European countries individually and at EU level. Read the 2019 […]

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Welcome to Switzerland, AlgorithmWatch!

Imagine you live in a Swiss city, and that you, and your whole family, are very excited that your child, who has just turned six years old, will start first-grade next summer. However, your home sits between two schools, and you don’t know which school your child will go to. Worse than that, you don’t […]

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